Who We Are

The Henry Dearborn Institute for Liberty is a nonpartisan, pro-liberty research association focusing on local, state, national, and international policy issues and the defense and advancement of important Western values—the same values that have made America the world’s most exceptional nation. It was founded by Justin Haskins in 2018.

HDI’s mission is to develop and promote policies and defend the ideals of personal responsibility, individual liberty, religious freedom, education reform, free markets, responsible but fair immigration, international peace, fiscal restraint, constitutional reform, gun rights, and, most importantly, virtue (as it has been traditionally understood in the Western tradition).

HDI aims to promote these policies and ideas in the public arena by publishing articles, conducting research, and producing various forms of multimedia, including podcasts and videos. Currently, HDI’s biggest project is StoppingSocialism.com, a website devoted entirely to fighting back against the rising tide of socialism in America. StoppingSocialism.com has been featured or endorsed by many leading conservative voices, including Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin.

HDI is primarily composed of individual scholars and pro-liberty professionals who work toward accomplishing HDI’s mission for little or no money. (Please note that not everyone who works with HDI is listed on our website.)

HDI is a passion project for those involved, not a money-making endeavor. The Henry Dearborn Institute for Liberty does not accept donations at this time, and it is not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Henry Dearborn Institute for Liberty, you can contact HDI Research Fellow Justin Haskins, at Jhaskins@henrydearborn.org.

PHOTO: “Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor,” by William Halsall, 1882 at Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Photo provided by Alonso de Mendoza through Wikimedia Commons.